Sehen Sie die Leistung
Ihres Wi-Fi dank des nPerf-Labels an.

Das nPerf-Label: ist eine einfache, getestete Lösung zur Qualifizierung
und Unterstützung Ihres Wi-Fi-Netzwerks, damit Sie sich von der Konkurrenz abheben.

Was ist ein nPerf-Label?

The aim of the nPerf label is to promote Wi-Fi networks that supply users with a high-quality service.
It recognizes the actions taken by a company to improve the user's experience.

The process involves assigning a series of one to five stars to the Wi-Fi connection, corresponding to five levels identified by a reference assessment.

Once the label has been awarded, these "stars", along with a"certified by nPerf" sticker, are displayed next to Wi-Fi label.

In this way, potential customer's can obtain information about the quality of the services offered by the premises in question in advance.

Everyone is preoccupied by Wi-Fi quality

Die Qualität der Internetverbindung in einem Gebäude (Hotel, Flughafen, Bahnhof) ist von grundlegender Bedeutung, wenn Sie unterwegs sind.

According to a recent poll by "Express":

For 34% of travellers, free Wi-Fi is the #1 criterion for booking a hotel. Especially since 83% of customers take the time to report a bad Wi-Fi connection and 36% of them don't plan to return to a hotel if they haven't been happy.

But how to ensure the quality of this connection in any given place?

The Wi-Fi nPerf label is the answer.

nPerf technology at the service of the label

Our label is based on the measurements made by the end customers. So, every month, thousands of flow tests are recorded, and used to qualify the connection quality at the places concerned.

Calculated in real-time, the Wi-Fi network performance can be displayed instantly on a connected screen!

Wie bewerten wir Wi-Fi-Netzwerke?


Download Geschwindigkeit



> 512 Kb/s

> 128 Kb/s

Mail + Messenger, Snapchat ...

> 1 Mb/s

> 256 Kb/s

Grundlegende Internetnutzung

> 2 Mb/s

> 512 Kb/s

Abspielen eines Videos + Videokonferenz

> 5 Mb/s

> 1 Mb/s

Anzeigen eines Videos in HD + Senden und Herunterladen großer Dateien

> 20 Mb/s

> 5 Mb/s

Anzeigen eines Videos in 4K + Senden und Herunterladen großer Dateien


Included in the formula per establishment :
♦   Eine nPerf-Testlizenz
♦   Ein nPerf Wi-Fi-Label
♦   A physical trophy and 2 sticker labels
♦   Zugriff auf Testdaten im Web
♦   Ein monatlicher Bericht per E-Mail
♦   An additional internet referencing that will improve their visibility on the web

1 bis 50 Zimmer

260 € / Jahr

51 bis 100 Zimmer

510 € / Jahr

101 bis 200 Zimmer

990 € / Jahr

200+ Zimmer

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