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AT&T Mobility 3G / 4G bitrates map, United States

AT&T Mobility cellular data network

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How do the nPerf maps work?

Where does the data come from?

The data is collected from tests carried out by users of the nPerf app. These are tests conducted in real conditions, directly in the field. If you'd like to get involved too, all you have to do is download the nPerf app onto your smartphone. The more data there is, the more comprehensive the maps will be!

How are updates made?

Network coverage maps are automatically updated by a bot every hour. Speed maps are updated every 15 minutes. Data is displayed for one year. After one year, the oldest data is removed from the maps once a month.

How reliable and accurate is it?

Tests are conducted on users' devices. Geolocation precision depends on the reception quality of the GPS signal at the time of the test. For coverage data, we only retain tests with a maximum geolocation precision of 50 meters. For download bitrates, this threshold goes up to 200 meters.

How can I get hold of raw data?

Are you looking to get hold of network coverage data or nPerf tests (bitrate, latency, browsing, video streaming) in CSV format to use them however you like? No problem! Contact us for a quote.