An nPerf speed test on your web site?

nPerf Plugin - minimal install, maximum performance!

Drive traffic to your website and retain your audience.

Bring your visitors a powerful tool to measure the quality of their Internet connection every day and share the results with their friends.

Measure Internet performances.

The pro license allows you to collect the RAW data of all tests made on your website. Collected in number, they can be a valuable source of information depending on your area (operator, local authorities or regulator, media, suppliers ...).

You are an ISP? Show your quality of service!

Highlight the quality of your network with your customers by offering them, in all transparency, to test their Internet connection.

You are an ISP? Accompany your demanding customers.

Bring your customers an efficient tool to diagnose or rule out possible problems with the connection.

You are hosting a public Wi-Fi hotspot?

Control the quality advertised by your provider by offering your customers to test the connection.


Fully designed for HTML5!

Contrary to other speed tests using Flash, nPerf works on all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari ...) even on mobile platforms.

nPerf is the only one speed test fully developed with HTML5 able to measure speeds above 1 Gb/s so accurately.

No plugin or extension is needed to run nPerf speed test.

In less than 5 minutes, add on your website a reliable tool so that your visitors can check the speed and the latency of their Internet connections.

The installation is really easy: one single line of code. No maintenance for you. Every update and upgrade is loaded automatically as soon as available.

Your visitors will benefit from the entire power of the nPerf engine, with no restriction!

According to the chosen version, you may get a user interface adapted to your corporate design, with your own logo, and even retrieve all your test data.

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Which license to choose?

We propose different solutions according to your needs. For small websites, a free version is available. All versions are powered by the nPerf engine for measurements up to 1 Gb/s. If you have a specific demand, just contact us.

How to enable my license?

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What are the prerequisites?

None. You can install a nPerf license on every web site.

nPerf engine is 100% built with HTML5 & JavaScript. It runs on all browsers and doesn't require any additional plugin like Flash or Java.



nPerf multithread engine up to 1 Gb/s

Access to the worldwide nPerf server network

Sharing capability on social networks

Customized graphic chart (logo and colors)


Total absence of ads

Retrieval of test data

Private test server


Tailored GUI

On quotation


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They trust us