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Performance ranking of mobile and fixed networks

View the performance of mobile, fixed broadband, coverage, and Wi-Fi networks across the globe thanks to all nPerf publications.

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How is performance measured?

Collecting measurements

Measurements are collected through the website and partner sites (for fixed-line data) and on nPerf mobile apps (for mobile data).

Tests are carried out directly by the subscribers. This means they are representative of the Internet network quality as experienced by the users.

The integrity of data collected is ensured by algorithms for encryption and monitoring of all results from the tests carried out.

Relevance of measurements collected

Measurements collected are stored on nPerf servers. Processing is then carried out in order to discard tests from repetitive usage or which may be considered the result of misuse. The majority of processing is automated with the aim of ensuring maximum objectivity.

Finally, the data used includes no fraudulent or imprecise tests that may skew the results.