About us


nPerf is a French company based in Lyon (France). For over a decade, nPerf has been a trusted partner for both fixed and mobile operators, providing comprehensive network testing solutions and analysis. Our mission is to accurately measure, evaluate, and enhance the understanding of Internet connectivity around the world.


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What we do

Our mission

We aggregate millions of crowdsourced data and develop testing tools to offer a comprehensive overview of the customer experience. Our reputation extends to operators, regulators, and private companies, who rely on our expertise.

Our goals

nPerf, short for « network performance », is dedicated to assisting Internet users in assessing the quality of their connections, while also aiding both fixed and mobile operators in enhancing their services.

Our values

We are committed to delivering impartial and precise performance data Our well-proven technology has been approved over the years by major actors of the telecom industry , as well as millions of individuals, for its steadfast reliability, transparency, and autonomy.

The nPerf timeline

Renaud Keradec launched DegroupTest.com, the first Internet subscription eligibility test website.

nPerf was launched in 2014 in France, Lyon. Since 2014, our team have been developing complete, reliable telecom tools.

With over 800 million tests performed worldwide, nPerf stands as a leader in the telecommunications industry.

Leadership team

CEO, CTO and Founder


CEO, CTO and Founder

Managing Director

Sebastien DE ROSBO

Managing Director

Head of Business Development


Head of Business Development

Join the nPerf community!

Join the community

Join the community

Without you, nPerf would not exist. By using our application, even for free, you contribute in the project. Your tests supply the nPerf database and you are therefore helping in the development of nPerf tools and services.

Host a nPerf server

Host a nPerf server

You are a sysadmin, a web hoster or an Internet provider? nPerf can integrate your own server! The more servers we provide, the more relevant the tests results will be. For ISP, we can support the configuration and administration of servers. Contact us.