The best mobile Internet performance in 2023

Tests carried from 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023

Award for the best performances

The operator that provided its subscribers with the best mobile Internet access during 2023 was :

Orange /


Mb/s Mb/s ms PR* PR* nPoints
1 Orange 70.6 15.8 30.8 74.2 85.0 91 100
1 Proximus/Scarlet 84.4 16.7 28.2 70.0 86.0 93 120
3 Telenet 64.7 14.1 36.7 74.4 86.1 87 328
4 VOO 40.3 11.1 39.0 69.5 82.7 74 966

*PR: Performance Rate. This is the percentage ranging between 0% and 100% for the performance level for browsing and video streaming.

The ranking is based on tests carried out on the nPerf apps from 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023.
The ranking is based on the number of nPerf points. Other values are given for information purposes.

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Which indicators are used for the ranking?

Mobile networks

The indicator selected for the ranking of mobile networks is the overall nPerf score.

The nPerf score takes account of all measurements taken during a complete test: download speed, upload speed, browsing performance, video streaming performance and latency.

This means the indicator represents the average user experience for each of the operators present.

Only operators with national network coverage are selected.

In order to avoid a negative impact from using outdated devices, only tests carried out on 4G-compatible devices are taken into account.