nPerf Fleet

The best solution for your Drive Tests

Are you looking for an efficient and powerful tool, convenient and reliable for your field measurement campaigns?
nPerf Fleet is the measurement tool you need.

nPerf Fleet gives access to many features:

♦   Terminal fleet management
♦   Access to all raw data in .csv format
♦   Unlimited history of tests (including failed ones)
♦   Automated test sequence
♦   Access to the nPerf cockpit for visualization (real-time statistics)
♦   Data not released

3G / 4G / 5G / Wi-Fi networks,
nPerf helps you evaluate their performance

One of the most used applications on the market

Many companies rely on nPerf to organize their drive test campaigns and to certify their networks: Comcast, Vodafone, Connected Nation, Telefonica, Orange, Three, Wireless United...

Recognized worldwide for their quality and fineness, nPerf 's data will help you to improve the quality of mobile networks with precision.

Geolocated data

Signal Strength Measurements

More than one hundred measured KPIs

Real-time data

Connection tests
Download, Upload, Latency,
Browsing et Streaming

Active mapping

Cockpit nPerf

A real dashboard, the cockpit makes it possible to follow the performance of the networks in real time and to extract the raw data (format.csv).
The analysis of the collected data enables to improve the quality of the user experience.

Manager: handles the terminal fleet

Field agents

Collecting data in a private database

Access to raw data and visualization of results

Cockpit :
smartphone fleet management

Cockpit :
statistics visualization

Cockpit :
real-time data and mapping

Cockpit :
coverage data mapping, from nPerf Fleet and crowdsourcing
(Filtering by country, operator, technology and period)